Business process improvement requires an understanding of organization dynamics on a very detailed level. Sustainable process improvement, consequently takes place within the boundaries and constraints of legacy and also in perspective of market place demands.

Business Architecture provides a blueprint for an organization – it represents reality in a comprehendible format and illustrates relationships and inter-dependencies amongst the various components and disciplines within the organization.

Business Architecture

BEtA utilizes in-house developed techniques and world class business engineering toolsets to provide architectural  frameworks for business improvement and innovation while minimizing risk.

BEtA has the ability to assist an organization in defining relationshipsamongst all its business components and elements in order to enable the organization to manage changes in one area of the business in terms of its impact on the whole organization.

Key Components

  • Strategy Architecture

  •  Process Architecture

  •  Resource Architecture

Key Benefits

  • Clarity during strategic planning cycles

  • Illustration of interdependencies within the organization

  • Blueprint for change management

  • Business performance yardstick

  • Foundation for co-ordination and integration between all elements of the organization